Student Feedback
This survey was prepared and facilitated by Gold Training RTO No. 40515.
Given Names:
Trainer's name
Date of course
Overall, how would you rate your learning experience with Gold Training?
How strongly do you agree or disagree with the following statements about your course and services provided by Gold Training?
The enrolment process was easy to follow

I received all the information I needed to make choices about courses/modules & where they might lead (e.g. job prospects)

I received an induction before starting my course & all my questions were answered satisfactorily (e.g. student handbook, course details)

I understood what my career outlook was by the end of the course

The trainer(s) had good knowledge of the subject they were teaching

The topics covered in the course/module were interesting & the pace of learning was appropriate

My learning needs & expectations were met & I have learnt to work with others

The trainer used up-to-date equipment, training materials and resources

The trainer's presentations were interesting and informative

I was easily able to talk to the trainer when required and I was encouraged to participate in the training course

I learned to manage and plan my own work and felt comfortable with assessments

I was satisfied with the training venue, facilities & equipment provided

I will be able to apply what I have learnt in the course to my work role

I would recommend this training to others

(If you accessed additional learning and support services) The student support services provided by Gold Training were of good quality and met my needs & expectation

To further assist us in providing quality training, please answer the following:
Are there any ways that Gold Training could improve the enrolment and induction process?
Are there any ways that Gold Training could improve support services to better meet your needs?
What were the trainer's particular strengths or weaknesses?
What part of the program did you enjoy and why?
Were there any parts of the course that were not relevant? if yes, please explain
What suggestions for improvement would you make for this course?
If you had the opportunity to do further training, what topics would you like to cover?
Do you have any further comments or suggestions?