Pre-Enrolment Information C3G

As a Pre-Qualified Supplier (PQS) of training programs funded by the Department of Education Queensland, we would like to notify you of the following information relevant to your enrolment:

What is the Certificate 3 Guarantee Program?

The Certificate 3 Guarantee provides eligible individuals with access to a subsidised training place in a certificate III level qualification with a pre-approved Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

The government’s aim is to assist working-age Queenslanders without a post-school certificate III or higher-level qualification to complete a nationally recognised certificate III qualification that leads to:

- a job outcome for individuals trying to enter the labour market or their desired industry/career

- advancement in the workplace or career progression for individuals already employed in their preferred industry

Are you eligible?

To be eligible to receive the Certificate 3 Guarantee students must:

- be 15 years of age or older

- have finished secondary school or are no longer at school (unless VETiS approved)

- be an Australian or New Zealand citizen, permanently living in Queensland

- not hold, and not be enrolled in, a certificate III or higher qualification. This includes any equivalent certificate III or higher level qualification irrespective of whether the qualification was completed as part of a university degree, apprenticeship or traineeship. However, a certificate level III qualification completed while at secondary school does not exclude you from accessing the Certificate 3 Guarantee program.

Employment status does not matter. Recipients of the Certificate 3 Guarantee program can be unemployed and seeking work, or be working on a full-time, part-time, self-employed or casual basis.

Pre-Enrolment Considerations

The Department of Education Queensland provides funding for one Certificate 3 Guarantee funded qualification per eligible participant. This means, if eligible, once you complete a certificate III funded qualification you will no longer be eligible for funding under this vocational education model. For further information, the Department of Education provides Student Fact Sheet available on their website:

Evidence of Eligibility

You will need to complete an enrolment form and provide supporting documents that support your eligibility. Evidence required:

  • Enrolment form
  • Photo ID: Drivers Licence (or Proof of Age card or Passport)
  • QLD residency: QLD Drivers Licence (or Official Government letter, Utilities or Bank statement)
  • Citizenship: Green Medicare card (or Passport or Birth Certificate)
  • If you completed any certificate III courses or above while at school, you will need to provide your Senior Certificate (Queensland Certificate of Education) and a copy of your course certificate.
  • If you completed any certificate III courses or above prior to 1995, you will need to provide a copy of the certificate displaying the year of completion.
  • If you have previously completed any accredited study, please provide a copy of your Qualification or Statement of Attainment for the purposes of Credit Transfer.
  • Recognition of Prior Learning: If you have prior experience in your chosen field of study, please contact Gold Training administration for further information as to how to apply for RPL.
  • Evidence of Concessional status (if applicable)
  • If you are unable to provide any of the essential eligibility evidence above, you will need to complete a Statutory Declaration with a Justice of the Peace declaring your statement to be true and attach the original to this checklist

Do I need to contribute to the cost of training?

Students undertaking certificate III level training are required to contribute to the cost of their training through a co-contribution fee. The amount of $25.00 (Concessional) and $50 (Non-Concessional) is payable on enrolment. Further details of how this figure is distributed by each unit of study are available on our website.

Do I qualify for the concessional rate?

Concessional student status applies when:

  • the student holds a Health Care concession card or Pensioner concession card issued under Commonwealth law, or is the partner or a dependant of a person who holds a health care concession card or pensioner concession card, and is named on the card
  • the student provides Gold Training with an official form under Commonwealth law confirming that the student, his or her partner, or the person of whom the student is a dependant, is entitled to concessions under a health care or pensioner concession card
  • the student is an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person
  • the student is a school student and is enrolled in a VETiS program (may include youth in detention)
  • the student has a disability
  • the student is an adult prisoner

Please note: if you are applying for concession rates, you will need to provide evidence of the above.

Co-Contribution Fee Payment

For further information on how to pay your co-contribution fee please speak with the Gold Training administration team and refer to the Student Handbook and the Student Co-Contribution Fee form.

Sounds great! What’s next?

If you feel you meet the eligibility criteria, please contact Gold Training administration.

The Gold Training administration team will check to see if your chosen qualification is listed as a subsidised course. Once this is determined, they will walk you through the following important information.

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